GORD Awareness Week 2020

GORD Awareness Week

Message from our Patron, Fiona Wade.

Message from John Campolini (OPA Chair) 

The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness of the symptoms of reflux disease and encourage people to seek an accurate diagnosis and treatment if necessary. Many people think that the only symptom of reflux disease is heartburn and whilst this is an important symptom, there are many, many more. Once you understand more about your symptoms, you can have an informed discussion with your GP or other medical professional about diagnostic tests and the different treatment options from lifestyle modifications to surgery. We know food and alcohol can be a reflux trigger for many people and as we enter the ‘season of excess’, we hope this campaign will raise awareness and encourage sufferers to take action to get treated for reflux.


about the symptoms and complications

We would like to educate people that Reflux disease is more than just heartburn and raise awareness of more symptoms. By using this symptom checker https://refluxuk.com/symptoms-and-diagnosis/eligibility-symptom-checker/ you can see how severe your symptoms are.



to find out if you have GORD

The first and most important step in treating your reflux symptoms is to accurately diagnose the cause. There are a range of diagnostic tests available to understand your own individual case and we will be raising awareness of all the different tests and what to expect. 



Learn about treatment options for GORD

Once the cause of your symptoms have been established by your healthcare professional, there are a range of different treatment options available to you. We aim to raise awareness of these different options so you can have an informed conversation with your healthcare professional about what might be the best treatment for you.