Fundraising through Gaming

Fundraise through Gaming

There are many exciting ways to fundraise for the OPA and gaming is one of them! Whilst fundraising, you can also be having fun with family and friends in person or virtually along with other gamers/watchers online.

Gaming has many great benefits too with learning new skills, connecting with other people who enjoy the same games and for some people it can be a time and space to relax.

Some gaming ideas…

Online Gaming

Quiz Night

Gaming Night

Online Gaming

Do you play games on your computer, PlayStation or Xbox or know somebody who does?  There are different ways you can fundraise with online gaming such as; live streaming, tournament with other gamers or 24 hour challenges.

When streaming online you can add donate buttons to streams which usually links up to the fundraising page you have created. This allows the gamer to keep track of the donations coming in and they can then engage with their audience by shouting them out on their live stream or donations in return for gaming activity chosen by viewers.

One of the most popular streaming platforms is Twitch.

Quiz Night

A Quiz Night is a fun idea where all your friends, family and the public can get involved.

There are many hosting venues for a Quiz Night which include a Pub, local social clubs, somebody’s garden or you could hold a virtual Quiz on Zoom. You can make the Quiz fun with a theme night, specific quiz topics or you can do an all round Quiz with a variety of different questions.

To turn this into a fundraising event, all you would need to do is charge the participants a fee for taking part in this Quiz.

Games Night

Board games are great fun, so why not turn a Games Night into a fundraising activity?

You don’t have to be brilliant at all games to host this fundraising night, but there are plenty of options to play such as; Monopoly, Scrabble, Cluedo, Cards Tournament.

All you need to turn this into a fundraising event is, the games, opponents and a place to play. You can then charge people a fee for taking part in each game.

If you are interested in Fundraising through Gaming, please fill in the PE1 form here to get started and we would be honoured to support you on your fundraising journey.