RefluxStop FAQS

RefluxStopTM FAQS

1. How do I find a RefluxStop™ surgeon in my area?
Please contact our customer service at

2. What does the procedure cost and will it be covered by my insurance?
In most countries, health insurance will cover the costs. However, it varies from region to region. Please contact your physician for pricing and conditions.

3. How will the procedure impact acid reflux?
RefluxStop™ restores the natural position of the lower oesophageal sphincter. Thereby the backflow of stomach content into the oesophagus is prevented.

4. Does RefluxStop™ prevent laryngopharyngeal (silent) Reflux or only against GERD/GORD?
The RefluxStop™ procedure treats all types of reflux.

5. How fast can I return to normal activity?
Patients can usually leave the hospital the next day or up to a few days after the procedure. Typically, you will need a period of two to three weeks off work and you should not perform strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for the first six weeks. Please follow the recommendations of your surgeon.

6. When can I start eating normally?
Directly after surgery a liquid diet is recommended for a short period of time as your body is still healing. Thereafter you will be able to return to a normal diet. Please follow the dietary recommendations of your surgeon.

7. Will I have difficulties swallowing?
RefluxStop™ does not encircle and put pressure on the food passageway as is the case with existing procedures. According to the RefluxStop™ clinical trial you can even expect that swallowing problems experienced prior to surgery, in many instances will improve over time after surgery.

8. I have heard that belching is not possible anymore after other types of anti-reflux surgeries, and that gas bloating can occur. Would such problems also be associated with RefluxStop™?
Since the RefluxStop™ procedure, does not encircle and put pressure on the food passageway belching should normally be possible. Gas bloating is not associated with RefluxStop™ and may be reduced or disappear compared to before surgery.

9. Can I vomit after RefluxStop™ surgery?
The ability to vomit is normally not affected by the RefluxStop™ procedure, as the food passageway is not encircled.

10. Will RefluxStop™ reduce my stomach capacity and thereby my appetite?
The reduction of stomach volume following the RefluxStop™ procedure is minimal and should not affect your appetite.

11. What is the treatment success of the RefluxStop™ procedure?
The clinical trial results are excellent compared to existing methods, however, as with any type of
surgery, there is always a risk that the treatment will not meet the expected results.

12. Is the silicone material harmless and biocompatible?
RefluxStop™ is made of tested biocompatible medical grade silicone, which has been used for decades in various medical implants.

13. What is the lifetime of the implant?
RefluxStop™ is made of solid medical grade silicone and is therefore expected to last a lifetime.

14. RefluxStop™ shall remain implanted for the rest of my life. What if I need a re-operation?
This would normally be possible as the RefluxStop™ procedure does not irreversibly change the

15. Can I feel the implant in my daily life?
No, you will not feel the implant.

16. After I recovered from surgery, can I do what I did before?
Yes, normally there are no restrictions. Please ask your surgeon for details.

17. Do I have to present an implant card at the airport security control?
This is not necessary as the implant is free of metal or electronics – in contrast to, for example,
pacemakers which can cause problems at security controls.

18. Can I go for an MRI scan after a RefluxStop™ implantation?
Yes, Magnetic Resonance Imaging is possible without any restrictions