Virtual Fundraising

Virtual Fundraising

During these unprecedented times, the majority of fundraising events have been cancelled, but on hold or scheduled for a later date. Which means that fundraisers are not being able to complete the challenges they have set for themselves. However, Virtual Fundraising is where people can still set themselves challenges or create their own events in order to raise funds for charity.

On this page you will find everything you need to know about Virtual Fundraising, including; idea’s and tips. 

Virtual Fundraising Ideas

1) Virtual Pub Quiz

For a virtual Pub Quiz you could host this for your friends and family or to the general public. You could create a Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving page and charge an entry for each participant. You could host your quiz on Zoom, Facetime, Skype, Facebook. 

Example – If you charged £10 for each member and you had 10 people taking part, you will raise £100. You could even alternate who hosts the quiz and still charge the same entry free, you will of raised £1,000 for completing 10 Quizzes. 

Tips –

  • Choose different topics for each quiz you own 
  • Take turns in hosting 
  • Charge entry fee 

2) Virtual Movie Night

For a virtual Move Night, you could treat this like you are going to the cinema or theatre. Although these places are currently shut, we do have websites/apps where watching movie’s is available, you could use Netflix, Disney +, Apple TV, Amazon Prime and so many more. You could set up a VMG or JG page and charge people £5 or £10, so they will donate to your page to “buy” their ticket to watch the movie you will be watching. 

Example – Pick your movie and make sure all your participants can access this film. You could set up a group chat on Whatsapp/IMessage, where all of the people taking part in the movie so you can discuss/ask questions about the film etc. 

Tips –

  • Everyone could choose a film they would like to watch, you can add all of these into a random generator and let the generator decide! 
  • You could also charge people for their snacks/drinks – just like going to the cinema! 
  • A donation challenge where in the movie whenever a specific thing occurs like a kiss or a fight, everyone has to donate extra money – this can be decided from the group as well as the cost. 

3) Virtual Gym Classes 

Are you a personal trainer or someone who just loves the gym? – A Virtual Gym Class could be a great way to fundraise as well as getting fit! For the gym classes, the host can charge a fee like the normal gym would and host weekly/daily sessions and use Zoom, Skype etc to hold the classes.

Example – There are many different gym classes you could host like Cardio, Yoga or Zumba etc. You could do a different gym class per day or week. You could also do some classes in the garden if one is available to add some different fitness. 

Tips – 

  • Charging a fee for each session
  • Having a public vote on what sessions people would like to take part in 
  • Have your members set goals for themselves, like how many sessions they would like to attend etc.

Another way you could do virtual fitness, is for the members to all follow along a YouTube video home workout for a week or month etc and just make donations to the page you have created.

Example – You could find a fitness video for everyone to follow, or each individual taking part can choose their own workout video which is suited to themselves. With this, you wouldn’t need to worry about having to hold a meeting every day as most people will be free at different times. 

Tips – 

  • Create a Facebook group (or any other kind of group page/chat) for people to share how they are getting on/their results 
  • You could agree on people donated a couple of pound each time they do a workout. For example, if someone worked out 3 times a week for 4 weeks at the price of £3 per work out, that person alone would raise £36. If someone did it every day for a month, they would raise just over £90
  • If you are choosing the workout video, you could choose 4 different ones and do each one for a week. 

4) Virtual Happy Hour/Beer Garden

As the Pubs are closed and everyone is stuck indoors, why don’t you create your own Happy Hour/Beer Garden with some of your friends and family? You could have everyone on Zoom/Facetime/Skype and sit in the garden with the beautiful weather, drinking your favourite drink! 

Example – Set up a meeting with your selected friends and family and all donate the amount your drink would cost in a Bar. So if you’re drinking an £8 cocktail and you have 3, then your donation would be £24. 

Tips – 

  • You could do this on a Friday afternoon, after you have finished work for the week. Make sure you set a time where everyone is available! 
  • Charge people for any snacks they have, like nuts or crisps, so they donate an extra couple of pounds. 
  • All sit in the Garden so it really does feel like you are out in the beer garden. 

5) Virtual Birthday Party

A lot of people already do Facebook Birthday Fundraisers, where instead of receiving presents for their Birthday they get people to donate to their Fundraiser to a charity. On top of this, you could perhaps create a zoom call with your family and still celebrate your birthday with cake and drinks. 

Example – Setting a date and a time for your birthday party and hosting a video chat would be your first steps and then you could share your fundraiser with all your friends and family.

Tips – 

  • You could decorate your house with balloons and confetti  
  • You could get dressed up for your call so it still feels like your birthday
  • Opening up your cards on the call could also be nice for yourself and the people who sent you the cards