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John Campolini – Chair
Stephen Brinkworth – Honorary Treasurer
Professor Grant Fullarton
Will Docherty
Lauren Hamper
Philip Wright – Secretary

Charity Patron:

Fiona Wade

John Campolini – Chair 

John was diagnosed with Oesophageal Cancer, and underwent surgery at St Thomas’ under the great care of Bob Mason and James Gossage plus a whole raft of dedicated and wonderful medical staff. By way of background information John comes from an Italian immigrant family from a small village in the South of Italy and like lots of Italians in the 1930’s who came to the UK where his parents made and sold ice cream! He left school and after a number of jobs from a musician to mechanical engineer in the pharmaceutical industry retired after 36 years in the criminal justice system. John’s Italian heritage is very important to him as are his son, daughter and two granddaughters. John has belonged to the Knights of St Columba, a Catholic charity, which looks after the less fortunate in our society for over 51 years and is a  licensed radio ham (call sign G0CRI).

Since being cured of his Cancer, John has, at every opportunity when speaking to groups of people, raised awareness of reflux and the consequences of ignoring the problem and at the same time urging people suffering from reflux to ask to be referred to specialists as soon as possible. Sadly John’s father died from Oesophageal Cancer over 30 years ago and his 45 year old son is being monitored for the same condition.

“My hope is that we support each other in various ways such as meeting up, having discussion groups, inviting specialist speakers to our meetings”

John Campolini

Professor Grant Fullerton – Trustee

Grant is the former lead Oesophago-Gastric Consultant Surgeon in Glasgow Royal Infirmary with major interests in management of malignant and complex benign upper GI disease. Grant is a former Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery with extensive research interest in benign and malignant upper GI disease. His particular interest is in the field of Barrett’s oesophagus including its role in cancer development and treatment with Radiofrequency Ablation.

Grant has now taken up an advisory post with the Scottish Government as the Clinical Lead for General Surgery. Grant has managed to get the Cytosponge introduced in NHS Scotland as a National Service. The Cytosponge is a new technique to screen Barrett’s oesophagus patients which has been a great recovery tool during this pandemic.


Stephen Brinkworth – Trustee/Treasurer

Born in Cardiff, spent my childhood in the Rhondda Valley, where I attended the local Grammar School, before attending Cardiff University to study economics.

On leaving University, joined NatWest Bank when I spent the next 31 years, initially working in various Branches in S Wales and Bristol, before moving to London in 1984 to a Head Office Dept.  Took early retirement in 2003 following the Bank’s acquisition by RBS.

Upon leaving the Bank, joined the local NHS Hospital and spent 6 years as a Project Manager implementing several HR related projects.

In 2010, diagnosed with Oesophageal cancer, but fully recovered following surgery at the Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford.

A keen sportsman over the years, having played a high level of Soccer and then Squash, and has now progressed to Lawn Bowls, and spends many hours each week on the Bowls green, not only playing but is involved in the greenkeeping duties of his local Club.

Also involved as the Treasurer for a local Probus Club, and still involved with the local Squash Club as Treasurer/Secretary.

Stephen Brinkworth

Will Docherty – Trustee

Born in Inverness, I have a German wife and a teenage stepdaughter. I am a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and having worked for over 33 years for two firms, I set up my own company in 2020. I am now familiar with the steep learning curve associated with starting out in business!

Through my career I have lived and worked in various locations in the UK as well as Canada and the United Arab Emirates. Whilst I was living in the UAE, I was diagnosed with stage 3 adenocarcinoma of the oesophagus. As an expat, I was fortunate that my employer’s medical insurance policy allowed me to have the initial diagnosis and neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy treatment at home in the UAE, before undergoing oesophagectomy surgery by Professor Arnulf Hölscher in Germany.

As I recently passed the five-year anniversary of my diagnosis, I wrote a post on social media and it is staggering to see the size of the team involved in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

In my case, it involved many teams from five hospitals in three countries – and that is just the people I saw. In addition, there are countless more behind the scenes, each making a valuable contribution to the team effort, albeit often without acknowledgement.

The excellent medical support was supplemented by family, friends and colleagues, which was paramount in allowing me to focus on recovery and I thank them all.

As a Trustee of the OPA, I want to increase awareness of this disease to allow more early diagnosis and therefore improving the prognosis of those who will be affected in future.

Will - New Trustee

Lauren Hamper – Trustee

I was born in Watford and grew up in Northamptonshire. When I was 8, my Mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, along with my Nan and my aunt. I was sadly therefore aware of cancer from a young age.

I attended the University of Northampton, to study law with dreams of becoming a solicitor. After graduating from university, I spent a few years working as a paralegal in Clinical Negligence.

In November 2019, my Father was diagnosed with stage 4 oesophageal cancer. It came as a shock to us all, as for the months before, his acid reflux symptoms were put down to problems with his heart. Tests came back clear on his heart and my Dad accepted that his symptoms were just something that he had to live with. After his diagnosis, my Dad was fortunate enough to be treated at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, who were very positive and supportive.

After googling oesophageal cancer support groups, I stumbled across the OPA cancer charity. Through their patient support helpline, Dad was able to speak to another oesophageal cancer patient, something that was so beneficial and unique to the OPA.

In October 2020, after starting my Legal Practice Course (LPC), Dad sadly passed away. Dad had made me promise to him that I’d continue with my career and after completing my LPC  and training contract, I finally qualified as a solicitor on 2 March 2023. It was the proudest day of my life and even though Dad wasn’t here to see it, I’d kept my promise to him. I now work as a solicitor in Clinical Negligence.

So little is spoken about the disease and often symptoms are easily put down to other illnesses. As a Trustee of the OPA cancer charity, I want to raise awareness of the disease and how early detection improves prognosis.

Lauren Harper

Philip Wright – Secretary

Studied at Cambridge, Munich and Madrid.  40 years working in art museums and galleries, writing and lecturing on their history and ethics, and nursing in hospitals and in the community, before retiring in 2016. Now living mainly in west Wales, caring for his partner who is a survivor of 17 years after complicated surgery for oesophageal cancer.

Philip Wright Image

Fiona Wade – Charity Patron

Personal message from Fiona Wade (Actress):

“Some years ago I lost my father to oesophageal cancer. He was such an amazing person, the best father I could ever wish for and it was so sad and shocking when he was diagnosed. I had never heard of this type of cancer before and I always feel to this day that if we had been more aware of oesophageal cancer or reflux disease then for sure earlier diagnosis would have made a huge difference and maybe saved his life. Early diagnosis by spreading awareness is absolutely key in saving lives from this cancer, so please help us to carry on doing all we can to make people more aware and help us to save lives and to support and reassure every patient who needs our help. Thank you.”

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Fiona Wade - OPA Patron